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Hillhouse Naturals

Our Mosquito Repellent Collection will keep the bugs away – naturally. All candles are made

with essential oils of geranium, marigold, eucalyptus or mint. These scents naturally

and safely repel mosquitos.

Based in Western Ky, the Hillhouse Naturals family business began over 30 years ago as a small home collection sold

at local markets. We are proud to say that all of our products are made on the Hillhouse Naturals Farm in Kentucky.

Our team of women-who do everything from pouring candles, making potpourri and packing up orders-aren’t just

employees, they are family. Most live in the neighborhood and many of them have been with us for years, if not

decades. Whenever possible, we also use local and natural ingredients. This lets us both help protect the environment

and maintain total control over quality. Take for example our soy wax candles. They not only burn “cleaner” and longer

than paraffin wax, they are also made with locally grown soybeans. When we say local, we mean really local, they come

from the farm of the owner’s son-n-law. Our informedly initiatives also include boxes manufactured using Wind power,

recycled paper and organic soy inks. Our philosophy remains a simple one: Quality products made with care. Everything

from the formulas to the packaging is designed and produced in-house to maintain the absolute quality and beauty

Hillhouse is known for.