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Airome Essential Oil diffuser

Meet airome, our new line of essential oil diffusers and oils. Aromatherapy meets elegant decor with the Airome Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser. Ultrasonic vibrations create a soothing mist of watera and essential oils, promoting health and vitality, enhancing moode, and leaving your room with a refreshing scent. These diffusers are perfect for creating fragrances in spaces where open flame candles aren't allowed..... your office, dorm room, or where there are small children. Plus, you don't have the mess to clean up like a regular wax melter! And BEST OF ALL, you save money over regular candles! Wax is heavy and expensive to ship!

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In 2000, entrepreneur Bart Kennington was exposed to the dangers of lit candles after an unattended candle sparked a fire that destroyed a neighbor’s home. Realizing the significance of the problem, Bart set out looking for a solution and turned to a...Read More »

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